School project

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It is an original and engaging path, dedicated to the students of primary schools, middle and upper secondary schools, who deal with a delicate topic, namely disability.


The approach is that of a journey into a world perceived in a new way. The close proximity to one another facilitates empathy and, only by putting ourselves in the shoes of others, we can share their feelings, their point of view, and naturally arrive to the point of welcoming any kind of diversity. “You with my eyes,” is a journey that wants to involve schoolchildren to accompany them on the path of acceptance and understanding. There is immersed in the process that allows us to experience what moves our feelings. Listening, perception, empathy. Openness to new experiences plays a fundamental role in the field of innergrowth. Foster a school culture of respect and belonging. Inclusive education provides opportunities to learn about and accept individual differences, lessening the impact of harassment and bullying.

It helps to develop friendships with a wide variety of other children, each with their own individual needs and abilities.


If you are a teacher and you want to host our project in your school, for information  you can contact me:

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